Changing the Oil in the Classic Mini

Heading to a casino in your mini, but need to change oil first? You will be surprised at how easy it is to change the oil in a Classic Mini. Speaking of mobile casinos, there are a number of games based on the classic mini that you can find at online casinos. You should give them a shot in your free time. Who knows, you might like some of them.


Unscrew the sump plug using the spanner. Make sure there’s an oil tray below first. When the oil starts flowing out, unscrew the filter cap so that the oil flows faster.

The Mini gearbox and engine can hold around 4 litres of oil. Take off the front grill after this so you can access the oil filter.

The oil will stop spilling. Then pour some new oil in using the funnel and allow it to come through. It will be black at first. When it starts looking like the same colour, it was when you put it in clean up the drain plug and sump hole before putting them back.

Use the oil filter removal tool to replace the oil filter. Mini oil filters are a little difficult to remove. That’s why you need this tool. Once you’re done, replace the grill. Now take a break and indulge in a game of slots on your mobile casino.

Now start pouring the new oil in the engine using the funnel. Keep topping it up until the dipstick reaches the top. Once the engine goes cold, you’ll find the oil level fall. Top up the oil until it reaches maximum levels.

Your Mini will now run better once you’ve changed the oil. Now get behind the wheel and head to the closest land-based casino you can find. If you can’t find one in your vicinity, don’t worry, go online and sign up at an online casino. You can have just as much fun at both types of casinos.

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