The Classic Mini that not Many People Remember

The Mini Cooper is among the most recognisable cars in the world today. Unfortunately, its predecessor; the Mini is not a car that many people remember. Just like a casino guide, we’ll take you through the initial development of this car here. Before we get started though, if gambling is your thing, you can find a number of online casino guides with all the necessary information on how to gamble at online and land-based casinos. Be sure to check them out when you have some free time.


The Mini was the idea of Sir Alec Issigonis in 1957. The car was introduced to the public in 1959. The Mini was created because of economic necessity and showed just how different the mindsets of British and US car owners were at the time. The same is true in case of gambling habits too.

Different Thoughts

The ingenious design and concept of the Mini meant it could offer a ton of space inside while essentially being a 10-foot car. It soon became a hit with casino goers all over the country.

The car was always supposed to accommodate four passengers while visiting casinos and use a space saving front wheel drive. But towards the end, they suddenly decided to position the engine transversely with the gearbox below it.


The car didn’t reach peak sales till 1971 though when 318,475 Minis were sold. There were also rumours doing the rounds that the Mini cost more to make than the amount it was being sold for. But BMC confirmed that the profits came from the extras on offer, but the truth is they didn’t make any profits till 1982.

This is about the same logic that online casinos use when setting up. They don’t look at profits in the beginning. The only thing they are concerned about is getting a huge audience. Once they have an audience, they then start focusing on earning big bucks. Earning an income isn’t too difficult as a casino when you have thousands of players logging in everyday.

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