Everything You Should Know about the Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S is a car designed to be a modern performer with Britain building the engine for this 6-speed manual transmission car. The model came with a turbo charged version as well as sports suspension. The standard rear and front suspension was redesigned to meet all transmission criteria. You can opt for manual or auto transmission, and the switch was quite smooth. There are a lot of safety features too. Going through narrow strips is not going to be a problem in this car.


The Mini Cooper S distances itself thoroughly from regular Mini’s in terms of looks though. The rear light section is triangle in shape and comes with chrome frames. This is home to the reversing signal, turning indicators, and brake lamps. The door handles also have a chrome finish. The front has a chrome bordered mash grill. There is enough space to store your baggage in this car, and the split folding rear seats give you so much additional space, you will never worry about shifting. The sunroof has a glass panel too.


The inside of the car is pretty spacious too. Some might feel there is not enough overhead clearance, but for most, this isn’t a matter of concern at all. The control panel with speedometer is in the centre of the dashboard and also comes with a couple of accompanying dials on either side. This isn’t just a speedometer but a multi-meter with controls for audio and fuel reading.

The turbocharged version offers some really fast pick up and can overtake in most critical situations. Some of the safety features in the car go way beyond regular passenger protection since the Mini is known to be made to be tough with side impact protectors, 6 airbags, and tortuous stiffness.

It’s an amazing car.

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