The Best Accessories for Your Mini Cooper

If you own a Mini Cooper, you may want to think of all the various accessories you would want to get in order to enhance the car. There are a number of manufacturers who make accessories for the Mini which means there is no shortage of choice.

Boot Box

Perhaps you would consider enhancing the interior of your Mini with carbon fibre trims? Maybe you would want to organise your boot space with a Boot Box that fits perfectly into your boot and offers you separate compartments for everything? These boxes usually come in different designs. There is more than enough storage space in the back once you fold down the rear seats, and if you want something versatile then why not give a folding boot box a go?


As far as your upholstery is concerned, you have a number of covers from different manufacturers to choose from. Boot protection mats and protective seat covers are quite popular. If you think it will get real messy inside, then you could go for Neoprene seat covers. This invention can fit easily in your car and will repel everything from cranberry juice to mud.

Rear Seat

If you wish to get rid of the seating behind then, you should go for a rear seat delete kit. This will give you everything you need to use the rear of your Mini for something else. It also reduces the weight of your Mini by 36 pounds.


If you wish to enhance the look of your car, then you could consider a rear spoiler. There are tons of them available.

You might not find all of this at official Mini dealers, but you will certainly find them all across the UK. You will also come across a ton of badges and emblems that can be used as you please.

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