Some Classic Mini Facts You Probably didn’t Know

Here are a few interesting facts about the Classic Mini that not many people may know:

The Classic Mini was a very popular car with more than 5 million of them being built. In 1961, Mini was the first to reach the 1 million sales milestone with its Morris Minor Mini.

The car offered front wheel drive and sideways engine which allowed 80% of the space inside the car to be used by the passengers. This is how 4 people could fit into this small space comfortably.

The Mini wasn’t the name from the beginning. In 1959, the Mini was sold under Morris and Austin names. The Austin Seven was then renamed the Austin Mini in 1962. Mini on its own became a marquee only in 1969. In 1980, the names changed to Austin Mini and to Rover Mini in 1988.

Sir Alec Issigonis, the man who designed the car didn’t like the fact that windows rolled down, so he demanded they slide open instead.

An original Mini would be worth around $1000 of today’s money. The Mini’s produced today cost a whole lot more.

John Cooper, a friend of Issigonis, and owner of Cooper Car Company saw the potential for competition in the Mini. Issigonis didn’t want to see the Mini being turned into a production car at first but once John Cooper spoke with the management of the company, both men worked together to make the Mini Cooper. The Morris and Austin Mini Cooper both debuted only in 1961. The Mini Cooper was very successful on its own and a lot of people even today think that the Mini Cooper and the Mini are one in the same.

Who knew there were such interesting things about Mini’s that only a few of us know. Hope you loved it.

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